Friday, January 9, 2015

February 2014: Roman History, Lottery, the Olympics, and romance

(from February 27, 2014)

"Math Comic CXXVII"

Caesar and an unruly class....

(from February 25, 2014)

Semi-circles and Perimeter"

Points M and P are the centers of the semi-circles.
What is the perimeter of the figure?

SOLUTION and more geometry questions

(February 20, 2014)


It's a dream come true!

(February 18, 2014)

"Olympic Rings and Minor Arcs"

How many different minor arcs can you spot in the rings?

(NOTE:  the intersection of two rings creates a potential endpoint of an arc)

SOLUTION and more math questions

(From February 14, 2014)

"Math Romance"

A Valentine's Flower that lasts forever ... 

Make your own flower using the TI-Nspire with these directions...

(from February 8, 2014)

"Synchronized Swimming"

Chasing Olympic Dreams...

(From February 1, 2014)

How is your calculus, trigonometry, and algebra?

Step by step SOLUTION and more calculus questions at