Wednesday, October 19, 2016

May 2016: Eyes, i-tunes, bookworms, and credit cards

(from May 28, 2016)


(from May 21, 2016)

"Math Optometrist"

A Dilation Pupil....

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(from May 16, 2016)

"Bookworm question"

This (book) worm climbs up a wall at a rate of 5 feet per day. But, at night -- while it rests -- it slips back down 3 feet.
How many days will it take the worm to reach the top of a 30-foot wall?

ANSWER and other math questions in the spare parts section...

(from May 13, 2016)

"Inscribed and Tangent Figures"

(from May 9, 2016)

"Counting Digits"


(from May 5, 2016)

"Extra Credit Card"

(from May 1, 2016)

"Hiker Question"

A hiker walked around a circle. Then, he walked 10 feet further and walked around another circle.
If the total distance he walked was 2000 feet, what is the radius of the inner circle?