Sunday, July 12, 2015

April 2015: The 10 Commandments, Let's Make a Deal, A&W root beer, and the bookworm

(from April 26, 2015)

"The Bookworm"

On a bookshelf, there is a set of 10 classic math books. (properly arranged in order, Volumes 1 - 10).
Each book is identical in shape and size:
Front cover is 1/4" thick.
Back cover is 1/4" thick.
And, the cumulative page thickness of each book is 3".
One day a worm -- a bookworm?! -- gets onto the shelf and eats through some of the books:
If the bookworm began at page 1 of volume 1, and stopped at the last page of volume 4,
how many inches did the worm travel?



(from April 21, 2015)

 "A&W Root Beer"

 Math Marketing --  a beverage for math geeks!

(from April 16, 2015)

"The Tan Gent" 


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(from April 15, 2015)

Math Riddle:  If you take away half of five, you get four. How?



(from April 9, 2015)

"Let's Make A Deal"

 The Monty Hall Problem....

(from April 6, 2015)

Math Question:

What is the smallest number that is divisible by each natural number from 1 to 10?


 (from April 1, 2015)

"Ten's Commandments"