Sunday, February 15, 2015

June 2014: Graduation, Always/Sometimes/Never, Charlie's Angels, Points, and Oscar the dog

(from June 26, 2014)

"View Points"

A look at (decimal) points, dots, and periods...

(from June 18, 2014)

"Charlie's Angles"

  A math course that attracts 'model' students.

(from June 11, 2014)

"Parent Functions" 


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(from June 10, 2014)

"Oscar the Dog takes a walk.."

Oscar the dog leaves home and walks 8 miles due East. Then, he turns and walks another 8 miles Northeast. And, then, he turns and walks due East 8 miles more.
How far from home is Oscar the dog?

 (from June 4, 2014)

"Always, Sometimes, Never"