Saturday, December 30, 2017

June 2017: Chain Letters, the food pyramid, Dead Poets Society, Happy Days, and McDonald's

(from June 27, 2017)

"McAlgebra Class"

Ronald McDonald teaches math..

(from June 21, 2017)

"Happy Days: The lost episode"

Fonzie prepares for the SAT test...

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(from June 14, 2017)

"Solving a system of exponential equations"

Answer and more exponential and logarithm questions...

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(from June 11, 2017)

"Dead Mathematician's Society"

Carpe Diem!

(from June 5, 2017)

"The Food Pyramid"

(from June 2, 2017)

"Geometry Chain Letters"

Find the solution and more geometry chain letters at the mathplane site..