Tuesday, November 18, 2014

December 2011 - Vinculum Bar, the devil's calculator, SAS vs SOS, and 2 math puzzles

(from December 4, 2011)

"The Vinculum Bar"

(From December 11, 2011)

"SOS vs. SAS"

SAS is not a distress signal!

(From December 18, 2011)

"Clever Lil' Devil"

Letters and Numbers on a Calculator....

(From December 25, 2011)

Given:  2, 3, 4, 5, +, =    
Using each number and symbol, construct a valid math equation.  (Each number and symbol will be used EXACTLY once!)

Solution is at  

(From December 26, 2011)

Word Problem Stuntmen

(From December 27, 2011)

Cutting the Cake: A math riddle/puzzle

Suppose you have a (round) birthday cake. If you made 2 perpendicular cuts through the center, you would have 4 equal slices of cake.

Question: Making exactly 3 cuts, how would you divide a round birthday cake into 8 equal portions?

SOLUTIONS at http://mathplane.com/spare_parts/spare_parts_1

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