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March 2012: 8 to infinity, what's my line?, pi day, riddles, and a factor tree

(from March 4, 2012)

"Eight to Infinity"

Question: How can you add eight 8's to get 1000?      (Use only 8's and addition)

Topic for Discussion: Is Infinity a Number?

Answers are here

(from March 10, 2012)

"Math Game Shows"

"What's My Line?" was a popular US television show during the 1950s and 1960s..
(Surprisingly, there wasn't a famous mathematician among the mystery guests!)

Hints and Solutions are here

(from Pi Day, 2012)

Confession: When I first heard about 'pi day', I did not understand the purpose.  
A friend of mine -- a math teacher -- had gone to the bakery to buy apple and cherry pies to bring to class the next day. ..  Why was she having a party?
She commented, "It's Pi(e) day. We have pie and talk about circles and their characteristics."
The next day at work, I looked at a digital calendar and saw  3.14...  March 14th!  Then, I understood!
Below is a comic about Pi(e) Day!

(from March 17, 2012)

Math Comic #11000 (or, #24)

(From March 24, 2012)

Math Puzzle Video:

Can you draw a circle with a dot in the WITHOUT lifting your pencil off the paper?

Watch this video!

"SPRING BREAK"  (Sitting under a factor tree...)

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