Tuesday, December 23, 2014

October 2013: Insomnia, The Infinite Monkey Theorem, Identity Theft, The National Debt, and Elm Street

(from October 30, 2013)

"Freddy Krueger's Math"

Happy Halloween!!

(from October 27, 2013)

"Hoops Percentage"

After 100 free throw attempts, my shooting percentage is 70%.
How many shots in a row would I have to make to increase my percentage to OVER 80%?

How many shots in a row would I have to miss to decrease my percentage to UNDER 60%?

Solutions and more math questions at mathplane.com

(from October 23, 2013)

"Broken Math"

National Debt Limit is not 17 trillion. It does not exist!

(from October 21, 2013)

"Three Easy Questions"

1) What is 1 divided by one-half?
2) On a number line, what is the midpoint between 1/3 and 1/5?

3) You and 5 friends go on a $1500 vacation. How much is the cost per person?

The Solution and more math topics in the spare parts section at mathplane.com

(from October 17, 2013)

"Identity Matrix"

Find more math cartoons at mathplane.com

(from October 12, 2013)

Answer and more geometry questions

(from October 10, 2013)

"Infinite Monkey Theorem"

"If 1000 monkeys, using 1000 graphing calculators, randomly hit keys for an infinite amount of time, then it will most surely produce the desired scatterplot".

(from October 3, 2013)

"Counting Sheep"

How mathematicians fall asleep....

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