Friday, March 20, 2015

September 2014: Linkedin, Converse, The Terminator, and Fantasy Island

(from September 25, 2014)

"Linked N"

Networking for Natural users in the math world!

 (from September 17, 2014)

"The Terminator"

 A relentless calculus teacher at John Connor High School...

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 (from September 16, 2014)

"Knowing your ABC's"

A quick math question:
A box contains 10 A's, 20 B's, and 25 C's.
If you randomly choose 3 letters from the box,
how many different outcomes are there?
(Note: Order does not matter)

(from September 10, 2014) 


(from September 3, 2014)

"Fantasy Island" 

 Mr. Roarke teaches geometry to Tattoo...

(from September 1, 2014)

"Ambiguous Math Question" 

If Michael eats 1/4 of a cheesecake. And, later he eats 2/5 of the cheesecake.
What fraction remains?

The solution(s) and more pre-algebra exercises at the mathplane site...

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