Monday, November 24, 2014

August 2012: Olympics, Squares, Jeopardy, Gauss, 7-11, and tennis love

(from August 31, 2012)

"Love - 40; Tennis Match"

"Love - 40" might have been misunderstood at the math invitational tennis tourney.

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(from August 25, 2012)

"7 - 11 and Nine"

A missed opportunity!

(from August 17, 2012)

"Math Jeopardy with Gauss and Pascal"

(Teen Prodigies!)

Check out humorous facts about Gauss...

(from August 12, 2012)

"Country Western Night"

A bunch of squares featuring a visit from Sponge Bob Square Pants

How many squares in the diagram?

A few weeks ago, there was a question floating around the internet:  "How many squares are in this diagram?"  
I was surprised that the answers ranged from 15 to 60...    

The solution is in the mathplane spare parts section

This diagram reminded me of a math exercise that my students and I discussed a few years ago:  How many squares can be found in a standard 8 x 8 checkerboard?
(To solve, we found a pattern)...      

 Answers are here...

(from August 4, 2012)

"Math Olympics Competition and Ceremony"

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