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September 2012: Billiards, Yahtzee, The Usual Suspects, Golf, Billiards, and Friends

(from September 7, 2012)

"Odds of Rolling a Yahtzee"

Yahtzee is a popular board game that originated in the 1950s. A 'Yahtzee' occurs when all 5 dice have the same value. What is the likelihood of getting Yahtzee in one roll?

Watch Amusing yahtzee videos at Numberphile:

Or, find probability and yahtzee notes at mathplane.com

(from September 9, 2012)

"Sketch Artist" - Webcomic #49A

"The Usual Suspects" - Webcomic #49B

At the math police station, the usual suspects are rounded up....

Find more comics at the mathplane gallery

(from September 15, 2012)

"Four Play"

Golf featuring George Fourman and Ace the #1 Golf Pro!!

Golf Hidden Message Math Puzzle

Golf theme --- clue: "Normal"

SOLUTION is here:

Find more hidden message puzzles at mathplane.com

(from September 21, 2012)

"Best Math Friends"

HE is a friend through ups and downs!
(It's a good sine when near someone who is always positive...)

(from September 29, 2012)

"The Math Hustler"

Professor Eddie Felsen at Billy Ard's Pool hall....

Check out "Trick Shots at the Pool Hall" for solution and more puzzles!

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