Friday, December 19, 2014

August 2013: 1/2, burning ropes, architects, radical, back to school, and linear regression

(from August 29, 2013)

"Linear Regression"

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(from August 22, 2013)

"School Supplies"

Ready for Class!!

(from August 15, 2013)

"It's a Rad, Rad, Rad, Rad, World"

Inspired from the classic "It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world (1963).....

Here is a radical puzzle:

SOLUTIONS are in the spare parts section at

(from August 9, 2013)

"Building Materials"

Working with an Arc-itect...

(from August 8, 2013)

"Burning ropes and measuring time"

Suppose you have a box of matches and ropes of different lengths. EACH rope takes EXACTLY ONE HOUR to burn through.

Using logic, you could use the ropes to measure units of time. For example, to measure 30 minutes, you could light each end of a rope simultaneously. (because the burning ends meet halfway after 30 minutes.)

Question: How could you measure 45 minutes?

Here is the answer:

(from August 1, 2013)

"Definition of 1/2"

This comic isn't half bad!!

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