Thursday, December 18, 2014

July 2013: Dance Lessons, Hitchcock, Movie Script, and the SAT in Hell

(from July 30, 2013)

"SAT in Hell"

Well, I'll be damned!  That's a tough test...

SOLUTIONS to this test are in the spare parts section...

(From July 20, 2013)

"Movie Projection"

The Math Guy pitches his geometry movie idea:  "The 3-way", featuring a love triangle...

6 more triangle questions:

1) What is the name of a triangle where all sides have different lengths?
2) A triangle has sides of length 8 and 13. What are the possible lengths of the 3rd side?
3) Two sides of an isosceles triangle are 5 and 7 feet. What is the perimeter of the triangle?
4) DEF is a right triangle. If angle E is 37 degrees, what are the measures of D and F?
5) Where do the altitudes of a right triangle intersect?
6) If the 3 altitudes of triangle ABC intersect outside the triangle, what type of triangle is ABC

SOLUTIONS and more triangle content are at 

(from July 13, 2013)

"Hitchcock's 39 Steps Function"

 math comic #94:  Alfred Hitchcock presents...

(from July 4, 2013)

"Dance Lessons" 

 At Murray Arthur's Dance Studio...

Can you complete these sequences?

 Solutions and more about sequences....

(from July 1, 2013)


Can you solve these 4 math problems about 44?
1) List all the factors of 44
2) Express 44 in Roman Numerals
3) Write 44 in Base 5
4) ("The Enforcer" was made in 1976) Using each number 1, 9, 7, and 6 and any math symbols and/or operations, write an equation that equals 44.

Answers in the spare parts section...


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